Testimonials – Pet Treatments

Aki was so perky this afternoon, moving so fluidly, lots of stretching, so lovely to see.
Thank You ps. Stefan really noticed the difference too.
I have a 6 year old rescue Vizsla, Aki. This breed is known to be highly sensitive. He came to us when he was 5 1/2 years old, from Romania. He was very weak, afraid, underweight, and overwhelmed. He has always been loving and gentle, but equally 'locked up' in his fear and anxiety. After only 3 sessions (combining reiki, massage and acupoint) with Maxine, I have seen such a change in him. He moves more easily, his digestion has improved, he has started to express more of his personality, being more confident to explore and run free and overall, I can see how he is less anxious  and worried about anything new and unexpected. Watching how Aki responds to Maxine as she works is truly wonderous. He opens himself up physically, takes deep, releasing breaths, and stretches out in such a lovely way. Meanwhile, my 4-month old puppy either gets sleepy in Maxine's presence, or watches calmly, it's beautiful. I cannot recommend highly enough, the deep and healing connection Maxine has with animals.
Fudge has calmed down so much! Indoors, he just lies under the table or behind our chairs. He coped rather well the other week in dog training. Had an unusually large group. He was not at all anxious as he used to be.
Maxine gave my dog Sabrina a Reiki session. We put her on the table as she is a small dog and she lay very still while Maxine gently stroked her body. After a while she lay down on her side and couldn’t keep her eyes open. She was so still and was totally relaxed. Maxine has a wonderful touch with animals and they totally respond to her. At the time she had a very sore pad and wouldn’t stop chewing it, but during and after her Reiki session she forgot about it. I was also looking after a friend’s dog and she came and lay under the table right next to Maxine’s feet and under where Sabrina was lying on the table. Totally relaxed as well.
We were very sceptical when we first met Maxine and she said Reiki could help arthritis. Bobby was on maximum painkillers and herbal supplements, he’s only 9 years old, too young to give up on. So Maxine came to our house and treated him three times, the morning after the first treatment Bobby was very cheerful and less lame, the cynics in us said is it possible, after the second treatment he improved again, after the third treatment there was no doubt in our minds that Bobby had improved, he was more energetic and obviously feeling in very good form. Before Reiki it was very noticeable to anyone that saw him that Bobby was very lame, now he is almost sound. Is it a cure? no, you can’t cure arthritis, is he better? Yes.
We can personally confirm how good the benefits of canine massage are. Maxine is an incredibly relaxing and calming person and immediately makes everyone feel at ease – both canine, feline and human! She spent time asking questions before starting the treatment and explained everything she was doing. We asked Maxine to undertake canine massage on one of our foster dogs who has elbow problems and she has worked wonders on her and her mobility. Whilst undertaking the massage we have had one of our other dogs in the room who has various health issues and he is transformed whilst Maxine is here and totally relaxes in her company. Anyone who is sceptical about the benefits of canine massage we would recommend you give it a go and see the change it can make in your dog.
My elderly dog Toby receives regular massage from Maxine. His movement and stiffness is noticeably improved. My Romanian rescue, Bambi, who was very reactive in company is also becoming calmer around other dogs since having Reiki and massage treatments. My dogs virtually line up for treatment when Maxine arrives! I run a professional dog care service (including dog walking, holiday stays and behavioural training, owner support and advice), so there are often several other dogs here when Maxine is working with my dogs and they all become incredibly quiet, even the most boisterous (behaviourally and vocally).
Maxine came to use through personal recommendation. She is an incredibly gifted animal practitioner, and my 5 Golden Retrievers have been so incredibly lucky to have her treat them regularly for over a year now, with Canine Massage, Reiki, Myofascial release and Acupressure (Acupuncture without the needles). Without a shadow of a doubt, on every occasion the dogs have been happier and bouncier after treatment and in the following days. One of my dogs, Bonnie is 14 this month, and the treatments have helped her keep up with the other dogs on our walks, this means so much to her and her quality of life. Two of my other dogs have health issues, and Maxine`s skills have meant not only are they physically more able to cope, but emotionally too. I lost my beloved Gypsy two years ago which is how I met Maxine, and although she only met Gypsy once or twice as she was at the end of her life, Maxine`s healing Reiki gave her peace and comfort. I would really struggle to find anyone else as caring, professional and talented.
Maxine has given our family dog a new lease of life!! Our 8 yr old Vizsla Duffy had been limping for several months and was very low in mood. All the tests we had had at the vets had come back inconclusive. After just one session with Maxine Duffy’s stiffness dramatically decreased and with regular maintenance sessions she no longer limps and we have our enthusiastic, curious and excitable dog back….. We couldn’t recommend more highly!
Max gave Bear 3 post-op massages. He is an active 1-year old pup and yet, under Mac’s touch, he relaxed. Her combination of acupressure, reiki and myofascial release have aided his healing process and anxiety. Each session felt like a treatment for me too. Thank you, Max!