I offer Kinesiology, Body massage, and Reiki treatments primaily in Haslemere, Surrey, where I have a beautiful therapy room in a peaceful location. I also offer a visiting service to Chichester, Littlehampton, and Dorking. All animal therapies are carried out in your home or on your horse’s yard. Please contact me for further details/to arrange an appointment.

Treatment sessions are typically a course of three treatments, spaced at weekly or two-weekly intervals. For optimum benefit, treatments should be scheduled at ‘quiet’ times with no or few distractions.

Sessions last an hour, with the first session being slightly longer to cover a general assessment.

On completion of a course of treatments, you can opt to continue in a ‘maintenance’ capacity, at intervals to suit.


The initial treatment commences with an assessment to obtain a general understanding of you/your animal’s history, care regimes, ailments and other treatments/interventions (past and present). Additionally for animals, your vet needs to be informed that your animal is to receive massage/other holistic treatments prior to sessions commencing.

Subsequent treatments include a recap of your observations of your own or animal’s responses in the days following the previous treatment, as well as the healing session.