Reiki for people & animals

Reiki is a powerful yet gentle energy healing treatment that involves a practitioner channelling the universal energy that is all around us. The recipient(s) may be an individual, animal and depending on the practitioner’s attunement level, extend out to groups, distant healing and global/environmental issues.

It is generally given in the physical presence of the recipient using one of three approaches:
‘Hands-on’: lightly applying hands directly to the body.
‘Hands-off’: applying the hands slightly above the body.
‘Beaming’: channelling the energy to the recipient over distance.
Depending on the recipient’s unique characteristics/background, treatments can use any or all of the above approaches. For example if your pet is distrusting of strangers, initially the treatment may take the form of beaming or hands-off. During the session or in subsequent sessions, this may progress to hands-on, dependent on your pet’s physical reactions/behaviour.

Benefits of Reiki
Reiki helps to relax, rebalance and heal the mind, body and spirit. Recipients can experience an easing of ailments and deep relaxation.
Reiki as an energy treatment complements conventional medical care and can enhance the effectiveness of other treatment regimes.
Reiki does not claim to cure, however can support the individual during and after physical/emotional stress/upheaval or illness. and assist in addressing past traumas.