Testimonials – People Treatments

Posture, Reactive Muscles, and Injury Recall Technique: ...can really notice the difference in my flexibility. Getting on (horse riding) was so much easier today... and I feel like I'm walking better too! I'd forgotten what it felt like to get on without it aching and being a struggle!
Dealing with fear when horse-riding: Since our last (kinesiology) session, I've managed to canter without over-thinking. It's hard to explain but I wasn't waiting for something to happen - I just enjoyed the ride! It's interesting how something (kinesiology) that appears so simple can make such a difference and can release mental blocks I've had noticeably for atleast 3 years, but I would think they have been building for alot longer, and I just wasn't aware of them.
A great massage for relaxing. I recommend it if you want to get stress out of your day.
Felt very relaxed, warm feeling. Quickly fell asleep. Upon waking my mind felt very clear and my headache was gone.
Have had better nights sleep over the last couple of weeks and had a lot more energy. My muscles seem less tense. Thank you.
I feel relaxed in places I didn’t even know were tense. My neck feels very loose and longer, not hunched up and my shoulders more even. Thankyou.
Maxine was welcoming and warm throughout – she tailors the massage to your needs, and you leave feeling so relaxed and at peace. If I am in the area again we will definitely re-book.
Overall wonderful service. Maxine uses her warming and inviting personality and transfers it into the massage therapy. You’re left feeling contented inside and out. I would definitely re-book for a follow-up session. Every moment allowed me to sink deeper into relaxation.
I found Maxine’s massage extremely soothing and felt revitalised. It’s as if she is channeling a powerful energy in the process and her technique differs from any other therapist I have been to. She somehow manages to subconsciously tune into your emotional knots and remedy them, certainly left me feeling with an extra spring in my step and super energy boost! Highly recommended.
Wonderful relaxing massage. Gentle, slow strokes uncovering areas of tension that surprised me. Working slowly, yet efficiently to remove and release built tension and energy. Feeling incredibly light and lifted.
Your massage was so therapeutic and after I felt like my shoulders had dropped! Your ability to sense what was going on helped me feel relaxed and at ease too; all part of enabling a wonderful session.. thank you Maxine!
From a professional approach Maxine’s massage took care of my entire body on many different levels, using traditional and truly unique methods. Her attention and presence throughout took me to a meditative state… Today I have woken feeling fresh to an open body and relaxed muscles. Thankyou Maxine for the time, presence and care you put into my massage.
From a client with neck/shoulder and sleeping issues: Thankyou so much for my treatment yesterday. It was fascinating and effective. My neck felt better, and from 11pm I slept through to 5am, when I got up. Thanks again…!
From a client with concerns about a health condition: Thankyou! I felt physically and emotionally better. A few days’ later, the client contacted me to tell me he no longer felt anxious about, or fixated on his health issue.
From a client with postural issues: I feel my shoulders are ‘pushed back’ and I feel straighter and taller. Thankyou.
From a client who wanted to establish better boundaries at work, to improve his productivity and efficiency: Thankyou. Following my session, I was able to re-set boundaries with a demanding colleague, to give myself the space to focus on my day-to-day tasks.
From a client with neck pain: Maxine did a few minutes work on my neck when I was visiting a friend in Surrey. I was worried how I would make the 2 hour drive back to Sussex with a pinched nerve and my arthritis flaring. Just those few minutes made all the difference. Thankyou.
From a client with neck/shoulder pain: Knowledgeable, professional care from Maxine in my first Touch for Health session last night. Her treatment rooms are incredible too by the way, and offer such a tranquil environment for her work. I will be back next week to continue the treatment and already feel the benefit from the initial session.