Reiki for People

The recipient remains fully clothed throughout the session. Sessions are given with the recipient sitting on a chair or lying down on a massage couch.

Who can have Reiki?
Generally, anyone can receive Reiki, with a few exceptions. Some examples are medical conditions such as epilepsy, newly fractured bones, pregnancy and those with pace makers.

What happens in a Reiki session?
During the session most recipients report sensations or feelings (however it should be remembered that these are varied and unique to the individual: not everyone will feel the same things, in the same way and some will not feel anything but leave feeling more relaxed). Most common are a tingling sensation or a light ‘pins and needles’ feeling in various parts of the body, a feeling of warmth or coolness and a deep sense of relaxation and calm. Others report a clearing of their mind. It is also quite common to fall asleep.

Afterwards people often report improvements in sleeping, a releasing of tension in their muscles and feeling generally calmer and more relaxed.