Massage for People


I offer Body massage and Reiki treatments in Haslemere.  Please contact me regarding availability.

Massage is generally suitable for everyone.
However there can be exceptions called contraindications that may preclude treatment either partially, or totally or require written permission from a GP prior to treatment commencing.

During initial assessment if contraindications are apparent, it will be explained that massage can not be performed.

In some instances – on improvement of a condition and with your doctor’s consent – massage can be carried out later. Contraindications can be grouped into Total, Local and Medical.

Total contraindication examples:
Fever – Contagious disease – Drug/alcohol influence – Recent operation or acute injury

Local contraindication examples (these may preclude massage to certain areas only):
Bruises – Varicose veins – Pregnancy – Undiagnosed lumps and bumps – Cuts – Abrasions

Medical Contraindication examples (require written permission from your doctor):
Cardiovascular conditions (hypertension, heart condition) – Oedema – Psoriasis or eczema – Osteoporisis – Nervous or psychotic conditions – Epilepsy – Diabetes – Cancer -Bell’s palsy