Testimonials – Equine Treatments

My family and I are very particular about every aspect regarding the welfare of our horses. Maxine has been providing healing sessions to my horses Tambourine, DHI Zancorgino and Welton Jazz and to Pom Pom, my dog. I am very interested in the approach that Maxine takes and genuinely impressed with the way she conducts herself and more importantly at the way in which my horses and Pom Pom respond to her. I feel my horses have been calmer and more relaxed since receiving healing and Pom Pom, who had been ‘off-colour’ was noticeably improved after one session. I know energy healing is very subjective and many people have a cynical approach to non-medical therapies, but I really know my horses and would not recommend Maxine and the services of Metaxia Healing unless I felt entirely comfortable to do so.
Since Skippy’s first session he has felt fantastic. He had a schooling session a few days’ after and felt like a different horse. Before this he was having a difficulty with the more complex movements and now he seems to be able to perform (them) alot easier and happier. I could definitely feel a difference before and after the reiki session. Due to his age I am really happy this has worked and glad to see him feeling so much better.
Dear Maxine I want to thank you for the work you have done on our foal Malibu. I am convinced your treatments both at the farm and remote were an essential part of her recovery from a very serious invasive procedure that many people thought she may never have recovered from. I was very impressed with your care and understanding for our foal, and truly I think without your intervention her recovery would not be as dramatic and successful as it has been. It has been a pleasure to see you work, and while I always hope all our horses will remain healthy, I will not hesitate to call you back for your help in the future.