Reiki for Horses

Sessions can be delivered in the field or stable, usually with the owner/handler present, initally holding the horse. However, if in the stable, once your horse becomes accustomed to the Reiki, it can often continue with your horse free. Reiki can be given at any time, however some common sense should be observed: not at or near feed times and not within three days of a competition.
General form of treatments
The initial treatment commences with a general assessment of your horse. Prior to hands-on healing commencing, I always recommend – as a courtesy – that your Vet is informed. Subsequent treatments include a recap of your observations of your horse’s responses in the days following the previous treatment, as well as the healing session.
What happens in a session?
Once your horse settles into the session, they generally exhibit behaviours that indicate a release and deep relaxation. The behaviours exhibited are entirely dependent on the horse and can include: stretching, yawning, champing, scratching, licking, chewing, sighing, twitching, blinking, dozing, sleeping, deep breaths, stomach rumbles, snorting and tail swishing. These behaviours can be subtle or more significant. Your horse may take ‘breaks’ for a few minutes and move away then return to continue the session.
What to expect after a session
Your horse has experienced some powerful healing and may remain in a very relaxed, quiet state for some time after the session. This is normal and should be allowed. As the impact continues, you may notice your horse is noticeably energised. The impact of the session can continue for a few days after. For this reason, it is important to support this and I recommend you only schedule light work for a few days after.