Reiki for Pets

Pets generally respond very positively to Reiki treatments. It can improve the relationship between you and your pet and through achieving a more relaxed state, can improve conditions on a behavioural, psychological and physical level. I offer Reiki treatments to dogs ranging from rescues to ‘office dogs’ to ‘senior citizens’ and everything in between. The range of issues faced by my canine clients include behavioural, psychological/emotional and physical ailments, some stemming from past traumas, although some recipients have been purely for relaxation and to enhance general well-being. Reiki can help with all these issues and is a powerful accompaniment to a holistic intervention plan. Similarly I have given sessions to elderly cats and those with physical ailments and/or behavioural issues.
Whether it works towards healing the issue directly, the underlying cause or generally achieving a more relaxed state (or all 3) Reiki can do no harm. I have found that dogs and cats in general love energy healing! They instinctively seem to understand its benefits. I even find that when visiting friends with dogs, they will seek me out for healing – usually guiding me to the area in need! Not to mention the neighbour’s cat, who seeks me out for healing on an almost daily basis!
I would like to stress however that improvement can be dramatic and therefore it is wise to carefully monitor your pet after a treatment to ensure their renewed zest for life does not cause them to ‘overdo’ it!

Delivering the session
Ideally, the treatment is given in the home environment at a time when it is quiet, with no interruptions/distractions. Cats should be free to roam the room, but not leave. Initially, they often prefer to receive Reiki hands-off or to walk/rub past the healer, receiving the Reiki as a pat and progress to settling nearby and accepting the treatment hands-on or -off. Dog treatments may start hands-off and progress to hands on as they settle into the session. Often dogs will lie down nearby and as they relax, roll over and fall asleep. In promoting a balancing effect, physical signs of release and relaxation can be seen. These can be indications of energy shifts/tension release and processing past experiences. The behaviours exhibited are entirely dependent on the animal and can include: yawning, licking, chewing, sighing, twitching, blinking, dozing, stretching, sleeping, deep breaths. During the session your pet may require a ‘break’, possibly including a walk around and a drink, before resuming the session.