Massage for Pets (Dogs)

I am a qualified Canine Massage Therapist. As part of my training in Merishia Massage, I have learnt movement assessment, soft and deep tissue massage, as well as specific techniques to effectively release muscular tension and gentle mobilisations to improve flexibility and performance. I observe and adapt my techniques in response to your dog’s body-language.

I have also recently completed additional training in Myofascial Release Techniques (indirect), a very gentle, but effective approach to releasing the tension that builds in this tissue. This, in combination with massage may aid tension release in underlying muscles and improve movement and general flexibility. See the Fascia section below for more information.

Massage can benefit for your dog in the following ways:

  • For dogs involved in working/agility activities, massage can aid
    post-competition recovery, generally improve performance and help prevent injury.
  • For nervous/rescue dogs who may be touch-sensitive, it can help  de-sensitise, build trust and decrease stress levels.
  • It can assist in recovery as part of post-injury/surgery rehabilitation.
  • In older dogs , or any dog suffering stiffness and joint issues, compensations and tension, it can release tension and aid relaxation.
  • It stimulates circulation, aids flexibility and encourages better range of movement.
  • Generally enhances and maintains well-being.


The fascia is a membrane found throughout the body. It is largely water-based, but also includes collagen and elastin. In the bodies of healthy animals and humans, it has great flexibility and stretches as part of its capacity to both protect body parts and aid transference of fluids and nerve conduction. However, when injury or stress occurs, the water is pushed from the fascia, changing its composition, resulting in collagen fibre ‘cross-linking’.

Indirect Myofascial release techniques act directly to encourage release of this cross-linking, restore flexibility and stretching ability to this tissue which of course can improve joint mobility, muscle tension and general movement and well-being. Dural (fascia) release techniques to the fascia surrounding the cranial plates, encourages restoration of symmetry to these bones and the release of tension throughout the whole body, further improving  joint mobility, muscle tension, general movement and well-being.

I offer a mobile service to Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex. Other areas by arrangement.