Touch for Health

Touch for Health is a form of Kinesiology – a complementary therapy that uses muscle-testing to enhance general well-being in the following areas:

  • Changing attitudes and achieving goals.
  • Increasing energy and managing stress.
  • Facilitating self-healing and improving health, including for pain.
  • Enhancing learning, work and sports performance.

A session consists of a consultation to understand your situation, and what you would like to change, then formulating a goal that guides the session. Muscle-testing is then used to determine:

  • Which of your system(s) (physical, emotional, chemical or nutritional) seem out of balance in respect of your goal.
  • The intervention needed to balance this.

Interventions can involve a number of techniques, including use of neurolymphatic massage, neurovascular holding points, meridian massage, acupuncture holding points, nutrition, postural assessment and muscle release, pain management and emotional stress release.

Clients can be taught a number of self-help techniques to use between sessions, in order to maintain/enhance their well-being.

An initial session, is usually 1.5 hours, with follow-ups being an hour.