Benefits of Massage

Muscular System: Aids muscle recovery from exertion and fatigue – Relaxes muscle groups, reducing spasms, tension and cramping – Reduces knots and fibrosis Improves muscle tone – Reduce muscle and soft tissue pain – Increases metabolism – Helps prevent muscular atrophy.
Skeletal System: Improves circulation and nutrition of the joints, and improves joint movement – Reduces joint strain and compression by releasing tight muscles and tendons.
Circulatory System: Increases nutrition to the tissues by increasing exchange of fluids and materials – Improves circulation by encouraging dilation of blood vessels -Encourages elimination of toxins by stimulating the lymphatics – Helps reduce inflammation – Overall effect of lowering blood pressure and reducing your pulse rate.
Nervous System: Helps to balance the autonomic nervous system – Helps to stimulate neurotransmitters in the brain which in turn increases endorphin secretions (natural pain killers) – Helps to reduce trapped nerves, by releasing surrounding soft tissue.
Digestive and Eliminative System: Increases secretion of fluids via the kidneys and waste via the intestines.
Skin: Increases circulation and improves its nutrition – The medium used can improve skin’s moisture content – Help to reduce trapped nerves, by releasing surrounding soft tissue.
Respiratory System: By promoting relaxation and releasing tension in breathing structures, massage can deepen and improve the breathing pattern – Some massage techniques can relieve congestion in the lungs – Massage increases action of the heart, stimulating blood flow to and from the lungs, helping with elimination of waste and absorption of oxygen.